Driving up to the start of the RAGNAR Cape Cod. Everyone is pretty charged up, logistics good so far!


Hour until start at Nantasket. Rob will be lead off batter. Beautiful beach, but a bit chilly.


Okay, that was a lame “live blog”. Race has been over for about a day and a half, but here’s the wrap. We had an awesome time, somebody in our van ran so hard he puked and nobody got hurt (other than a crippling soreness in my legs that I’m sure will pass). The group of people that have come together as our team are special people with strong competitive spirit, mental toughness and big hearts. Thanks Heavy Weather for another fantastic year!

By the way, Patrick’s blogging was so far superior to my effort that I should’ve just posted a link instead of writing this crap. Here: http://blogs.capecodonline.com/cape-cod-fitness/

And here’s some pictures because, literally, it was the least I could do.




One Response to RAGNAR 2013

  1. did my part.. added a logo on the home page for y’all : )
    have an awesome relay!! it’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful out there
    - di

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