Border to Shore Leg 10: Chauncey Peak

A strong start to this year – two legs in two weeks. After much discussion we discovered the trail book we have is outdated. Instead of what I expected to be a bit of back tracking and a long road run we were greeted with almost 5 miles of new trail – sweet!

From Giuffrida Park it was over the dam and straight up to Chauncey Peak. Straight up. Really steep. This seems like a recurring theme when we head out – if parking is available, it’s probably at a very low elevation relative to the ridge. However, the view from the top, as always, made it totally worth it.

Oof. A climb right of the bat.

Feelin’ the burn en route to 688′ Chauncey Peak

Heck of a view

After bouncing back from the oxygen deficit, Rob took off. I guess he was feelin’ it. (Must’ve been the eye of Sauron socks.) I still don’t see how he dusted us given the trail conditions. Running along shear cliffs on trap rock shards is difficult, but when the spaces in between are filled with ice it’s downright treacherous. Dave and I took it slow and steady…

This was the last time we saw Rob

A large mining operation with little tiny Hartford in the distance…

Just a little ice left in Crescent Lake

The trail went from deciduous forest to coniferous and it looked like we were back in Pennwood in Simsbury. Bright sunshine and running east in the morning made for some difficult trail navigation. Luckily, somebody had ridden a mountain bike through the snowy trail – no need to look up for trail markers! Kind of like a cheat mode for a racing game – just follow the track.

A very nice section of trail led us around Highland Pond and over a cool red bridge. The March sun is starting to pick up a little warmth. I love Connecticut in the spring – and to think that in just weeks everyone will be complaining about poison ivy and mosquitos. We finished up the run on Country Club Road, up a surprisingly steep bridge over I-91 and to the trail head at the base of Higby. Looks like a lot of elevation next time!

No Photoshop, just an odd tree that got hung up in the canopy perfectly vertical…

An old foundation in the middle of the woods.

Dave comin’ up to the red bridge

Over breakfast we started talking about finishing this thing up. From my math, it looks like 33.8 miles left to the beach – maybe six more legs? We’ll need to skip a couple weeks – Bimbler’s Bash 10-ishK is coming up in two weeks, and the Ragnar Cape Cod relay is in about a month – but I’m sure we’ll be hitting the beach soon!

Trail head for Higby on Country Club Road – nice new sign.

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  1. Nice words j-bo. Starting to warm up out there, can feel the sweet end in sight!

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