Marathon Break Over!

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve posted about our trail run across Connecticut, but it looks like we’re firing it up again for Leg 6 this coming Sunday! We’ve been on hiatus due to training for the Hartford Marathon. This was the first for both me and Dave; Rob did it last year so he felt ok bailing and doing the half this year.

The marathon was an awesome experience. I used the Non-Runners Marathon Guide (Kindle edition is way cheaper than available anywhere else). I thought it would be easy, since I was already a “runner”, but the training was more intense than what I was used to. Just past half way into the 16 week training, you start this pattern of 5+8+5+ a 16-18 mile long weekend run that is just brutal. Even though the longest distance I ran was 18 miles, the book does a great job explaining that is all that is needed. In the end, I never hit the wall (but I was prepared for it!), and ended up just having a terrific day.

One of the things not described in the book is the period after the marathon. I’ve gotta tell you – if you’ve never done it before you will be HUNGRY for like a week after. Can’t seem to eat enough this week! It will be fuel for powering up some hilly trails this weekend. Looking forward to a great fall run (as in Autumnal, not falling) and a post-game post come Sunday night or Monday!

2 Responses to Marathon Break Over!

  1. awesome job, such a great first marathon run!!

  2. Looking sharp Jimbo! Great reward for your hard work.

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