Border to Shore Leg 6: Scramble, Stumble, Repeat

After a long hiatus, we hit the trail for Leg 6 of the border to shore trail run. Quite a wake up call after months of pavement running while training for the Hartford marathon. Trap rock can be tricky – especially when the rocks are hidden by freshly fallen leaves.

There be rocks under them leaves!

You can really see how things visually compete for you attention here…

Trying to deface the rockface

We started out in Plainville on Ledge Road and took the access trail up to the Metacomet. Heading directly into the rising sun and watching our feet, I was surprised we only got lost once, but we picked it back up pretty quickly. When we finally got up to the ridge line, the real running began. Slowly. We were all kinda dragging this morning. It seems longer, but it’s only been a week since the marathon.

The trees were awesome today – about a week after peak, but still blazing in places. We hit an outlook or two, saw an old chimney with a collection of Busch and Pabst cans (the official beers of the woods – I think there’s a sponsorship opportunity here…). The weather was perfect today. High 50′s, light breeze. I remember back to our first run on the trail. In the 20′s and windy. We may be ending our Metacomet portion the same way we started – I think we have two legs left, and fairly busy schedules.

The flavor of the day – outcrop, overlooking water, prominent foliage

Scary, but fun.

Yeah, that’s the trail there.

A couple miles in, we caught a break and were deposited on some pavement. It was only a mile but I was really tired of the technical stuff. The road took us by Rogers Orchards. Apparently on Sunday mornings they bake apple pies and make donuts. Three hungry guys with no money were not happy.

As we progressed, we saw the most spectacular sheer rockfaces yet. Getting up to them was quite a challenge. Lots of scrambles – both ups and downs. Also, it seemed like all the lookouts on this run overlooked bodies of water. As my friends know, I’m not a big fan of heights. Oof.

This stretch of trail was surprisingly undeveloped, considering it’s location adjoining densely populated New Britski. It was more like the quiet corner or in the northwest hills. Central CT has got a little bit of the wild left! I recommend everyone take advantage of it before the McMansions find their way into every unprotected nook and cranny.

We encountered some heavily prepared day hikers that looked at us like we were crazy, some rock climbers I thought were crazy and one truly crazy guy – a fellow trail runner who was absolutely haulin’ down a hill (we were caught power walking up the hill). We wrapped up the day when we hit Carey Street in Southington. Really unfriendly parking situation here, so I was relieved when we saw the car, and a bit surprised when there wasn’t a ticket on the windshield. Wouldn’t be the first time a municipality found a way to monetize a natural resource! Hopefully we get out again soon – looking forward to Hubbard Park in Meriden, one of the few easily accessed places on the trail I’ve never visited.

Ragged Mountain outlook, takin’ a little break-ski.

That dark shadow in the middle is an imposing 50 foot cliff

2 Responses to Border to Shore Leg 6: Scramble, Stumble, Repeat

  1. gorgeous, love the photos! glad no one took a digger over one of the hidden rocks

  2. Nice blog, so true – leaves make it pretty scary out there – not for the timid trail hiker or runner. I can’t wait for the next leg!!
    Panorama-rama!! Amazing pics

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